Neurofunctional Development & Chronic Health Disorders: Evaluation & Management for Chiropractic Minds w/ M. Buerger, DC (May 19-20, 12hrs)

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Don't miss a chance to learn from the sensory & neurodevelopment expert! 5 CE hrs basic science, 7 hrs Category A (mandatory) Exam


Monika Buerger, BS, DC
Monika Buerger, BS, DC
Monika Buerger, BS, DC


May 19, 2018 - 9:00 am


May 20, 2018 - 12:00 pm


Life Chiropractic College West, 25001 Industrial Blvd., Hayward, CA 94545   View map

Neurofunctional Development & Chronic Health Disorders: Evaluation & Management for Chiropractic Minds

with Monika Buerger, BS, DC

This course will include an in depth study of Neurodevelopment and Sensory Processing Disorder: What it is, what it means, how to evaluate for it, and the chiropractic connection and correction. It will also cover how to evaluate primitive and postural reflexes, what they indicate and what sensory systems they represent. Specific exercise protocols to improve sensory-motor processing as well as reflex integration will be given and will cover all ages and ranges of functional deficit. Practice strategies to help achieve the optimum adjustment in those “hard to adjust” kiddos will give you the confidence and ability to change lives like never before. You will also learn how to assess a child’s “Band Width”, how it relates to autonomic dysregulation and how to help use it to educate parents, teachers and kiddos about how chiropractic can help them!

TONS of life changing information that you can implement on Monday morning!


As a result of participating in this course, learners will be better able to:

  • evaluate children for proper neurodevelopment,
  • help promote proper neurodevelopment, and
  • help manage those with neurodevelopmental dysfunction.


Saturday, 9:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday, 8:00am – 12:00pm

12 hours unless otherwise indicated

Chiropractic Continuing Education (CE)
12 hours unless otherwise noted

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Cat. A – History & Exam 7 CE hrs CA-A-18-04-15050
Cat. B – Basic Sciences 5 CE hrs CA-A-18-04-15051
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