Cranial Facial Release w/ Adam J. Del Torto, DC

Cranial Facial Release method
A unique and powerful cranial technique that directly adjusts the cranium.


Adam J. Del Torto, DC
Adam J. Del Torto, DC
Adam J. Del Torto, DC, CFR Specialist


CFR Seminars are 3-day intensive seminars covering basic CFR “balloon adjusting” procedures in combination with conventional chiropractic and SOT adjusting techniques. This is a hands on seminar where all participating doctors will experience CFR treatment first hand. Upon successful completion of the 18 hour course, doctors will be listed on the CFR website as qualified CFR practitioners.


Courses offered in California, across the country, and internationally. See for details.

Continuing Education Credit

CE credit varies. See individual course listings on the the CFR web page for more information.

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