Intersect4Life w/ Monika Buerger, DC

Dr. Monika Buerger is a pioneer and expert with children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Seminars live on site, live online, and online on demand.


Monika Buerger, BS, DC
Monika Buerger, BS, DC
Monika Buerger, BS, DC




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Dr. Monika Buerger is one of the most well respected and known pioneers and expert in her profession for working with children that have been diagnosed with Neurodevelopmental Disorders such as: ADD/HD, Autism Spectrum, Sensory Processing, Executive Functioning and Learning Disorders. She has developed highly successful and integrative programs for children and adults; whether it be neurodevelopmental challenges, brain injuries or chronic health disorders that have not been helped through conventional means.

Dr. Buerger established a highly successful private family practice in Northern California from 1992 until 2009. In February of 2010, she brought her expertise to Southeastern Idaho with a clinic in Ammon, Idaho where she has a waiting list practice of new patients. Her mission is to prevent disease in the unborn child, promote proper neurodevelopment in the newborn and ensure an entire life of optimal health for all!

Now, with Intersect4Life, Dr. Buerger is opening up all of her knowledge, expertise and mentorship to people around the world (like you) who want to build a sustainable future and a practice that stands out in your local community!


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Live on Site Seminars

Seminars are held in various locations in the U.S. and across the globe.

Live, Online Webinars

Live online webinars bring CE to your home or office and allow live interaction with Dr. Buerger.

Online Seminars On Demand

Learn online with Dr. Buerger on your own schedule with pre-recorded lectures and course materials.

Continuing Education Credit

CE credit varies.  See individual course listings on the intersect4life web page for more information.

More Information

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