ONLINE: Insurance Billing for the Chiropractic Office w/ E. Calkins, CA (4 hrs)

Painlessly learn to navigate the insurance claims billing and reimbursement process with ease. Maximize your financial advantage ethically and efficiently with this online seminar. 4 CE hrs CA Category A (mandatory) billing & coding ONLINE


Emma Calkins
Emma Calkins
Emma Calkins, CA


January 1, 2017 - 12:00 am


December 31, 2018 - 12:00 am



Navigate the insurance claims billing and reimbursement process with ease, and maximize your financial advantage ethically and efficiently.  This online seminar will help you understand how to join provider networks, what to expect as a network provider, and how to most effectively bill for your services either as an in-network or an out-of-network provider.  Taught and regularly updated by an expert in the field.

About this Online Seminar

Online CE at Life West is simple and engaging.

  • Upon registration you will receive an email containing a web address and password, enabling you to enter the seminar.
  • There are four individual, one-hour presentations which you may watch at your leisure.  You need not complete them all in one sitting, and may return to them at any point during the calendar year.
  • View the videos, complete the acknowledgement, and click the “complete” button when you are through.
  • You will receive your certificate of completion within 10 business days of finishing the seminar.

All Life West postgraduate seminars are approved by the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners.  Many other states are also approved.  Check the CE Credits area below for details.


By the end of the seminar, you will be better able to:

  • Understand different types of reimbursement and benefits as a network versus non network provider. How to join networks if desired.
  • Explain the difference between Medicare “Par”/”Non-Par” status, and how to bill under either status.
  • Clarify Chiropractic specific coding for ICD-10 and How to accurately report and maximize reimbursement.
  • Determine patient benefit and know reimbursement expected from the insurance company and patient before your claim is processed.

4 hours unless otherwise indicated.

State CE Available/Approval #
California 4 hours APPROVED CA-A-17-01-13203
(Category A mandatory hours)
Colorado No application required*
Connecticut No application required*
Delaware No application required*
District of Columbia No application required**
Hawaii APPROVED HI 18-138
Idaho No application required*
Illinois No application required*
(60 minute hours)
Iowa No application required*
Maryland No application required*
Michigan No application required*
Minnesota APPROVED 61594 through 2018
Montana No application required*
Nebraska No application required*
North Carolina APPROVED through April 2018
North Dakota APPROVED through April 2018
Ohio No application required*
Oregon No application required*
Rhode Island No application required*
South Carolina No application required*
(60 minute hours)
Utah No application required*
Vermont No application required*
Virginia No application required*
Washington No application required*
Wyoming No application required*

*Some State boards do not require an application when a program is sponsored by a college accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE), which is an accreditor of Life Chiropractic College West.

Life Chiropractic College West cannot guarantee that any session of this offering will be accepted by these licensing board(s). Life West urges licensees to familiarize themselves with the laws governing continuing education in the jurisdictions where they hold licensure.

DISCLAIMER FOR THE STATE OF MISSOURI: Approval of this course is not acknowledgment or ruling by the Board that the methods taught in this course are recognized and approved by the Board as the appropriate practice of chiropractic as defined in Section 331.010, RSMo.

Hour 1 Contracting and Network Participation
Pros and cons to joining insurance networks and the process to join if you choose to. How to join networks with Private Payers, and how to Validate/Re-Validate with Medicare. What to expect as a participating provider with Medicare versus non-participating.
Hour 2 ICD-10 Diagnosis Coding
How to handle “unspecified” and “Acute Injury” codes specific to Chiropractic. Changes that occurred as of 10/1/16.
Hour 3 CPT Coding – Accurate Reporting of Services Rendered
Covers most common CPT codes for Chiropractic, as well as how to accurately report timed therapy codes to avoid multiple therapy reductions. Learn how to determine whether or not you have the appropriate amount of diagnoses to support the CPT codes reported. 
Hour 4 Medical Necessity Reviews” and Authorizations
American Specialty Health structure, how to navigate their processes, and resources. Learn what they are looking for on their “MNR” and how to determine if the care you are requesting will be considered a covered benefit of the patient’s plan.