ONLINE: Ethics & Boundaries w/ S. Hoffman, DC (2 hrs)

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Dr. Hoffman shares wisdom gained through his experience as a practicing chiropractor, legal/ethics coach, and CEO of ChiroSecure malpractice insurance. 2 CE hrs CA Category A (mandatory) ethics ONLINE


January 1, 2017 - 12:00 am


December 31, 2018 - 12:00 am



From Sexual Misconduct to Gross Negligence, Dr. Hoffman shares his personal experiences of over 35 years as a practicing chiropractor running multiple clinics, to over 26 years coaching doctors through the challenges of Malpractice and Board Disciplinary actions as one of the largest providers of Malpractice Insurance in the country.

Through real world stories and experiences that doctors deal with every day, Dr. Hoffman will address:

  • The Differences between Ethics and Boundaries and Risk Management
  • Responsible Communication with Patients and Staff
  • The Physician/Patient Relationship
  • Risk Management
  • Informed Consent
  • Confidentiality
  • Balancing Philosophy with Reality
  • Real Life Examples of Issues
  • Patient Boundaries

About this Online Seminar

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By the end of the seminar, you will be better able to:

  • Have a greater level of awareness rather than fear of safeguarding your practice and license
  • Manage patients and staff ethically
  • Set a world class standard of ethical excellence in your office and in the public’s eye
  • Understand that the responsibility of sharing chiropractic in the real world is more than just adjusting the spine, and what you as an individual chiropractor do in your office is a reflection on every chiropractor and the profession as a whole.

4 hours unless otherwise indicated.

State CE Available/Approval #
California 2 hours ethics APPROVED CA-A-18-03-14864
(Category A mandatory hours)
Colorado No application required*
Connecticut No application required*
Delaware No application required*
District of Columbia No application required**
Idaho No application required*
Illinois No application required*
(60 minute hours)
Iowa No application required*
Maryland No application required*
Massachusetts No application required*
Michigan No application required*
Minnesota APPROVED 61591
Missouri APPROVED 2017003462
Montana No application required*
Nebraska No application required*
New Jersey APPROVED 1705-08
North Carolina Expired 5/8/18
North Dakota APPROVED
Oregon No application required*
Pennsylvania APPROVED #DCE000648
Rhode Island No application required*
South Carolina No application required*
(60 minute hours)
Texas Expired 3/31/18
Utah No application required*
Vermont No application required*
Virginia No application required*
Washington No application required*
Wyoming No application required*

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DISCLAIMER FOR THE STATE OF MISSOURI: Approval of this course is not acknowledgment or ruling by the Board that the methods taught in this course are recognized and approved by the Board as the appropriate practice of chiropractic as defined in Section 331.010, RSMo.

Hour 1 Relevance of ethics and boundaries to practice.  Significance of integrity.  Role of insurance re ethics & boundaries.  Repercussions.  Sexual misconduct, romantic relationships or advances. Role of licensing Boards.  Importance of accurate record keeping.  Financial management and issues with care plans.
Hour 2  Injury during adjustment – how to manage responsibly.  Accidents in the office.  Stroke and  chiropractic.  Informed consent – samples, value to patients and doctors.




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