ONLINE: Fractal Biology: The Philosophy of Vitalism with Bruce Lipton, PhD (16 hrs)

YOU can take a course ONLINE from Dr. Bruce H. Lipton. This course provides an illustrated and thought-provoking introduction to a long-awaited paradigm shift in the biomedical sciences. 16 CE hrs general ONLINE

ONLINE: Insurance Billing for the Chiropractic Office w/ E. Calkins, CA (4 hrs)

Painlessly learn to navigate the insurance claims billing and reimbursement process with ease. Maximize your financial advantage ethically and efficiently with this online seminar. 4 CE hrs CA Category A (mandatory) billing & coding ONLINE

ONLINE: Stroke, CVA, and the Facts for Chiropractors w/ G. Clum, DC (2 hrs)

Dr. Clum delivers a clear and invigorating update on the safety of cervical spine adjusting and vertebral artery issues. 2 CE hrs general ONLINE

ONLINE: Ethics & Boundaries w/ S. Hoffman, DC (2 hrs)

Dr. Hoffman shares wisdom gained through his experience as a practicing chiropractor, legal/ethics coach, and CEO of ChiroSecure malpractice insurance. 2 CE hrs CA Category A (mandatory) ethics ONLINE

ONLINE: Kalish Method 101 w/ D. Kalish, DC (10 hrs)

Dr. Dan Kalish shares the his unique Method in this online functional medicine survey course, 10 CE hrs CA Category B (general) ONLINE

CCEP Life West Student Payment Plan

Expand your expertise at the only West Coast location offering the tools, techniques and strategies to treat complex extremity cases. Space is limited - Register today. Become a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP).

CCSP Payment Plan

The CCSP certification program consists of 50 hours of coursework at Life West, 50 hours of online coursework with DConline, practice in the field, and an exam. It is a rigorous, examination-based, professional credentialing program that promotes professional knowledge and competency of chiropractic doctors, physicians, and practitioners engaged in the specialty of chiropractic sports medicine.

CCEP Extremities Adjusting Series, 2017

Expand your expertise at the only West Coast location offering the tools, techniques and strategies to treat complex extremity cases. Space is limited - Register today. Become a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP).

Delta Sigma Chi California Showcase -Lyceum (Oct 6-7, 10.5hrs)

Dynamic speakers and leaders in our profession, presenting the latest information on Philosophy, Science, and Art, with a special focus on Sustainable Business. 10.5 CE hrs

CCEP V: Advanced Principles of Soft Tissue w/ J. Jensen, DC (Oct 14-15, 15hrs)

Improve your ability to evaluate and treat soft tissue issues throughout the body. Certificate enrollment not required. 15 hrs

Active Release Technique – Long Nerve Entrapment with Gross Anatomy w/ P. Cooper, DC & M. Thompson, DC (Nov 4-5, 12hrs)

Laboratory discussion section in Life West's cadaver lab, and a hands-on ART practice section! Focus on peripheral nervous system pathway and relationships to surrounding structures, toward the treatment of nerve entrapment syndromes.

CCEP: Advanced Orthothic Certification w/ K. Hearon, DC (Boise, ID, Nov 9-11, 24 hrs)

Go deeper with orthotics in this intense, hands-on, limited size seminar. 24 CE hours

Whiplash & Spinal Trauma w/ Dan Murphy, DC (Nov 11-12, ROSEVILLE, 12hrs)

Explore the ethics, science, and technique of managing whiplash and spinal trauma while satisfying mandatory license renewal requirements. 2 hours ethics & law, 4 hours adjusting, and 6 hours general

Cranial Facial Release w/ Adam J. Del Torto, DC (Dec 1-3, Burbank, 18hrs)

Learn a unique and powerful cranial technique that directly adjusts the cranium. 3 hours history/exam, 10 hours technique, 5 hours general

Human Anatomy Lab for Health & Fitness Professionals w/ J. Kunsman, DC (Nov 18-19, 12hrs)

In Life West's renowned cadaver lab! In this two day course, increase your understanding of the biomechanics and the anatomy of the human body and how the adjustment positively influences biomechanics as well as neurology. 12 hrs basic science

CCEP VI: Advanced Principles of Extremity Rehabilitation w/ E. Sinclair, DC (Nov 18-19, 15hrs)

Craft active extremities care plans for your patients Certificate enrollment not required. 15 hrs, including 6 exam (Category A)

Gonstead: Find It So You Can Fix It: The Acute Low Back w/ David Currie, DC (Nov 18, 6hrs)

Learn to evaluate, adjust and manage patients with the Gonstead Analysis and Adjusting technique. Includes 6 CE adjusting hours. 8am-2pm

X-Ray: Musculoskeletal Conditions of the Spine and Extremities w/ J. Motley, DC, DACBR (Nov 19, 6 hrs)

Historical presentation, radiographic, and clinical considerations associated with common findings on imaging exams. Includes 6 general CE hours applicable to x-ray permit renewal. 8am-2pm

CCEP VII: Global Assessment of the Extremities w/ J. Downes, DC (Dec 2-3, 15hrs)

Integrate, review, and practice concepts from the six other CCEP modules from a global perspective. Certificate enrollment not required. 15 hrs, including 8 hours exam & technique (category A)

Techniques Between Techniques: Dr. Walton’s Evaluations & Adjustments for Complex Cases w/ P. Walton, DC (Dec 2, 6hrs)

Join Dr. Walton in exploring creative, responsive ways to adjust every individual patient and guide them back to health. Includes 6 CE adjusting hours.

Faculty Course Fee

Register for seminar separately, using the full-time faculty/staff 100% discount code (ask for code), AND pay the $25 course fee here.

LIVE ONLINE: Neuromuscular Reeducation w/ Peter J. Levy, DC (20hrs)

Learn to locate and resolve a high percentage of soft tissue injuries through the application of highly specific functional anatomy. That's NMR. 20 CE hrs, including 16 adjusting. LIVE, ONLINE