In California, annual CE means 24 hours of credits every year and 12 of them may be taken online.  Most other states encourage online CE too.

Why learn online with Life West?

  • Take courses that improve your practice
  • Take courses from the best teachers in the industry
  • Take courses when you want
  • Take courses from the comfort of your home or office 
  • Take courses you can afford
  • Support future generations of chiropractors

You are a friend and supporter of Life West. You know that we take a stand for vitalistic chiropractic and work hard to make sure that the profession grows and thrives. We care about your education after chiropractic college and we understand that you need more, and better continuing education.  Try us.

ONLINE: Fractal Biology: The Philosophy of Vitalism with Bruce Lipton, PhD (16 hrs)

YOU can take a course ONLINE from Dr. Bruce H. Lipton. This course provides an illustrated and thought-provoking introduction to a long-awaited paradigm shift in the biomedical sciences. 16 CE hrs general ONLINE

ONLINE: Insurance Billing for the Chiropractic Office w/ E. Calkins, CA (4 hrs)

Painlessly learn to navigate the insurance claims billing and reimbursement process with ease. Maximize your financial advantage ethically and efficiently with this online seminar. 4 CE hrs CA Category A (mandatory) billing & coding ONLINE

ONLINE: Stroke, CVA, and the Facts for Chiropractors w/ G. Clum, DC (2 hrs)

Dr. Clum delivers a clear and invigorating update on the safety of cervical spine adjusting and vertebral artery issues. 2 CE hrs general ONLINE

ONLINE: Ethics & Boundaries w/ S. Hoffman, DC (2 hrs)

Dr. Hoffman shares wisdom gained through his experience as a practicing chiropractor, legal/ethics coach, and CEO of ChiroSecure malpractice insurance. 2 CE hrs CA Category A (mandatory) ethics ONLINE

ONLINE: Kalish Method 101 w/ D. Kalish, DC (10 hrs)

Dr. Dan Kalish shares the his unique Method in this online functional medicine survey course, 10 CE hrs CA Category B (general) ONLINE

LIVE ONLINE: Neuromuscular Reeducation w/ Peter J. Levy, DC (20hrs)

Learn to locate and resolve a high percentage of soft tissue injuries through the application of highly specific functional anatomy. That's NMR. 20 CE hrs, including 16 adjusting. LIVE, ONLINE